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Hey there,

Mustapha Ajermou here along with Ali M and Gary Alach.

Back when I first got started trying to make money online, I struggled a lot, and I still remember all of that….spending days and nights going through this and that course that promised “guaranteed” results.

But I always ended up with a big fat zero in my bank nothing EVER worked.

It’s an awful feeling to buy a training course that promises the world and then doesn’t end up delivering a thing.

I mean I tried everything from CPA, Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, eCommerce, Amazon and even TeeSpring…

But NONE of it worked and was a lot more difficult than what they were telling me on their sales pages…

It was downright DEPRESSING…and I even considered giving up!

Until One Day When EVERYTHING
CHANGED For The Better...

I discovered a simple way to turn a $5 investment into as much as $2,449

And found that I could consistently do it OVER and OVER again...

You couldn’t imagine how excited I was to be FINALLY earning life changing income with a simple process that I could repeat AT WILL.

And it was pure joy to show my family and friends that I wasn’t crazy to be trying to make money online!

In fact, they have gone from the biggest skeptics to asking me to show them how to do it.

Now after multiple months of applying this method, and refining and streamlining the processes, I have nailed down a successful formula that’s:


No Tech Skills Required And Takes ONLY
A Few Minutes Of Work Per Day...


Consistently Makes Huge Profits

This is something that I have been secretly doing for the past few months and have been banking consistent daily pays by Switching Apps over and over again..

With just a few minutes of VERY simple work each day.

This Unlimited passive income formula is like something straight out of a dream…

And the market for this is so huge that there is more than enough profits to go around for anyone using this method as it harnesses the power of Google’s massive Admob network.

No Big Budget, No Experience And

Initial Investments Are As Low As $5, Which Makes This The Best Way
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This Method Leverages The Power Of Mobile Apps To Get

At first, I knew nothing about Mobile Apps or Google's Admob network...

Until one day I heard a few guys talking about how they were making a killing with it.
So I immediately started looking into ways that I could cash in on the Mobile Apps craze.

After months and months of hard work, I came up with the perfect Mobile App Switch formula that can bring you up to 500x in profits every time… like Clockwork

Now it’s time for you to tap into the massive power of Mobile Apps.

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With Our unique passive formula you’ll be easily making passive profits day in and day out.

You have your own apps that have their own ad platform…

Which allow you to get paid when anybody using your apps are viewing those Ads. It doesn’t get any easier than this to make passive income online:


  • Google Product
  • Easy To Integrate Into Your Apps
  • Supports House Ads
  • In-App Advertising
  • Intelligent Insights Through Google Analytics.

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE QUIETLY... Making A Killing Using Mobile Apps As We Speak, And There Is MORE Than Enough Profits To Go Around....

 The Mobile App Industry Is Massive!

There is forecast to be over 197 Billion mobile app downloads in 2017 alone, and there are more than 4.8 billion mobile users worldwide..  and this number is growing every year.

  • The Mobile App Industry is the fastest growing industry in the world right now.
  • Mobile Apps are much easier to use than their Website counterparts; this is why Apps are so popular.
  • Mobile apps are estimated to reach more than $145 billion revenue.
  • Recent surveys have shown that users spend 88% of their browsing time on mobile apps rather than using websites.

With all this Massive Growth in the Mobile app industry, imagine how much money you can make with this unique App Switch Formula.

...and the best part, not many people are doing this.

  This Is By Far The EASIEST Way To Earn Online Profits In 2017  

And We Sill Be Showing You EVERY STEP Of This Method In Our Newbie-Friendly  Video Training Course  So That You


We’re Helped Many Students Make Their FIRST Dollar Online


MobileApp Empire

"If You’re Looking For A Foolproof, Step-By-Step Method To Turn Low Budget
$5 Mobile Apps Into Real Income, This Training Is For You."

Here’s An Overview Of The System And Your

 Step 1: Power Station Setup

 Initial setup of softwares and introduction to Admod. The biggest issue is How To get Started ? So we have included everything to help easily start your Mobile App Empire business and start making profits fast.

 Step 2: Shortcut to Niche Selection

 This module gives you a good insight into what kind of App niche you can start with for the fastest possible return. Cut down all the searching and trial and error. We have taken care of all that. Find out the best ways to select your App niche so that you get maximum ROI.

 Step 3: Switching Formula

 Learn how to legally switch other people's Apps. You are going to learn everything starting from Designing logos, Banners and so on to App Store Submission. After you are done with this you will become a Ninja at Flipping apps. There are various time saving tips included in here.

 Step 4: App Store Domination

 In this you are going to learn in depth App Store Optimization, play with Google Play listing. Always be on the top of search list. You will learn the secret to making your Apps go Viral. With all these techniques you will be blown away by the profits that you are going to see.

 Step 5: Scale up

 We are here with lots of ways to scale up your App Switching profits. Any kind of business idea in incomplete without proper scaling how could we leave that out? In this module we will tell you how to start using various other Mobile Ad Networks so that you can make even more profits.

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Getting Unlimited Passive Income Has Now
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  • NO more huge investments, No Risk
  • NO more wasting time and money in trial and error.
  • NO high end tech skills required.
  • NO more waiting for Profits.
  • NO more competition - Not a lot of people know about this.
  • Virtually NO more work with this lazy system as it’s passive and once set up it runs in the background on complete AUTOPILOT

Just Buy IT, Switch IT, Profit And Repeat...
Unlimited Passive Incomes With Just $5 Investment.

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This is Different From Anything You Have

Still sitting on the fence?

Listen, there is a lot of Profits to be made through Mobile App Empire, but up until now there has not been a lot of information available on this.

This is so untapped and hardly anyone knows:
How to tap the unlimited power mobile ads?
How to get their own Money Making App…?
How to make it viral in the App Store….?

But Today We Show You All Of That .

This method is TOTALLY UNIQUE and MUCH EASIER than eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing, Product Creation, Network Marketing, Amazon and ALL the other methods you see online

In this method, we use a unique twist to the whole AdMod Biz Model....and everything becomes EVEN EASIER.

This isn't just a bold promise, we’re All Making Money off this Right Now, as We Speak.
Just think about it: profit with ZEROrisk, and very little time or investment.

Up until now we have only revealed this to our private students..

Who are now making a KILLING with it.

But this is FIRST time we are revealing our secret method to the world,

So if you grab this today for one tiny investment, you’ll finally be able to forget all your disappointing results and start making real passive income STARTING RIGHT NOW

100% Money Back Guarantee 30 Days Risk-Free

We are 100% confident that our training and techniques work. We are offering you have a full 30 days to put this to the test and make sure that this is for you.

If you apply the training and do not see any results within this period then please reach out to us. Our Helpdesk Team is always there to help you out and make sure that you have been following the correct procedures.

Even after this if you do not make any profits, then we will be happy to refund your payment.

So you see if you are really serious about your own online business, then you can try this out totally risk free.

The only way you can lose is by missing out on this…

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Mobile App Empire

Turn Simple $5 Apps Into

4 Figure Profit Anytime You Want...


 All You Have To Do Is Follow Our  Mobile App Empire App 

  • Make Sure That You Go Through The Entire Course.
  • Follow The Easy To Follow 3 Step Strategy. Start Making Profits By This Time Tomorrow...
  • Start Making Profits By This Time Tomorrow...

 Get It , Switch It, Profit…..Works every single time. The foolproof Passive Income method..

 To Your Awesome Success,

P.S. Still here? Great, that means you take your business seriously. Mobile App Empire was created simply to make life easier and your business more profitable…and with our 100% Guarantee, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

P.P.S. Life’s full of choices. You could pass on this but just keep thinking how profitable this training suite could have made you … OR … you could grab this chance of a lifetime and make massive profits out of nothing. We would love to see you succeed...everything is ready and waiting for you. Click the Button Below and get Mobile App Empire for 90% OFF today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Mobile App Empire all About?

Inside we show you the newest and the easiest way to make a consistent daily profits out of Mobile App Empire without even having to create your own App. All you have to do is make a low budget $5 investment and try our Mobile App Empire strategy.

Is this only for Android Apps?

Absolutely not! We have tested this on Android. But these strategies can be applied to all kind of platforms: android, IOS and so on….

When will I Start Making Money?

If you follow our methods you will get 500X profit on simple mobile Apps with just 30 minutes of work. Start seeing results within the next day.

What about Traffic?

You’ll discover multiple traffic methods and not just Admob. Scaling up will be really easy with all these multiple sources.

Is this course for Newbies?

Anybody can use our formula and start making profits out of just 30 minutes of effort….even if you are a complete newbie. We have detailed step by step explanation of all the basic as well as advanced methods. This is one of the easiest methods out there.

Is There a Guarantee?

Yes. You have a full 30 days to put this to the test and make sure that this is for you. If you do not see any results within this period then please reach out to us. Our Helpdesk Team is always there to help you out and make sure that you have been following the correct procedures.

Do I Need any Special “Tech” Skills?

No “tech” skills or experience needed. All you need is this training. We’ll show you everything inside.

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